Tenchu: Stealth Assassins is a PlayStation stealth action video game from 1998.

I could go on a poetic throwback to my childhood and describe in details a nostalgia feeling for a 25 years old entertainment product, displayed on a 1980s CRT televisions and rhythmed by the noises of a PlayStation optical drive (something that emulators fail to recreate), but I’ll spare you the brunt of it.

What I will say is that this is inspired by video game decompilations projects of the past few years, like Super Mario 64 and Driver 2. However, I do not have it in me to make a perfect, byte-for-byte decompilation like the Super Mario 64 one. Neither do I want to stare at a Ghidra window for an eternity, trying to blindly reimplement a source tree for a game held together with glue and duct tape.

These considerations led me on a lengthy side-quest to try and find a solution to this conundrum… But now, after spending nearly two years prototyping tools and writing case studies, I think I have found the edge I’ve been looking for.

My objective is to create a port of this game by delinking it back into object files and then crafting a working Linux MIPS executable out of the pieces. From there, I intend to rewrite each object file Ship of Theseus-style until I have a complete and portable source code tree.

As far as I can tell this is unlike any other decompilation project out there, so this is completely uncharted territory. Hopefully, this approach will allow me to divide-and-conquer this effort into manageable chunks and make iterative progress possible, in order to keep myself motivated.

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